Resident Spotlight: Tim Rilley

Tim Rilley has lived in Estrella since 2004 and loves his community for its beautiful scenery, fantastic neighbors and the access to golf and swimming. Estrella has been the perfect place for Rilley and his wife Debra, a kindergarten teacher at Estrella Mountain Elementary School, to settle down after his decorated military service including deployment in Vietnam from 1967 to 1968.


Rilley’s military service is still a big part of his life and this year he joined the committee to bring The Moving Wall™ to Estrella back in October 2014. The Moving Wall is a half-size traveling replica of the Washington D.C. Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Rilley is also the Executive Officer of a Sea Cadet Corps Unit. This program introduces our youth, both boys and girls to naval life through instruction in basic seamanship and leadership.  There is also a more rigorous process exposing older participants to a full military training program.


“I wanted to get my Naval Sea Cadets involved in the presentation of colors for the Moving Wall Project and was eventually asked to join the committee,” said Rilley. “I am honored to sit on this committee to ensure proper protocol and help with day-to-day planning for the event.” Rilley takes a lot of pride in his service and sees it as his responsibility to share the lessons and history that the Marine Corps gave him. Rilley’s cadets, and place on the committee, allow him to pass along his experience and demonstrate its importance to his own life.


The project has been a very large undertaking but its impact on the community, and more importantly, the veterans in Arizona is going to be very special. “I am so proud of our community for giving those with family and friends on The Wall the opportunity to mourn and pay their respects, it’s going to mean a lot to myself and many others,” said Rilley.


As an outstanding member of this community we thank Rilley and the entire committee for their service and work to bring the memorial to Estrella.