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Mike Park wearing a red wool hat enjoying a desert trail in the mountains

25 May . 2016

Resident Spotlight: Mike “Odie” Park

The Estrella community thrives thanks to the hard work and dedication of its residents and their hands-on approach to creating a great place to live. The Estrella Trails Committee is a prime example of the impact that residents are able to make in the community. Committee members devote their free time to building new trails while maintaining Estrella’s extensive network of existing trails to ensure an enjoyable experience for all residents. One particular member, Mike Park, otherwise known as “Odie,” saw an opportunity to help make the trails at Estrella a top-notch amenity for outdoor enthusiasts and decided to join the Trails Committee, with a little push from his committee friends. Odie was kind enough to answer some questions in order to shed some light on the wonderful work of the Estrella Trails Committee and to share his story and connection with the community.

How long have you lived in Estrella?
17 years. We lived in Spanish Bay for 15 years and now reside in Serenity.

What do you enjoy most about Estrella?
I can sail, hike and bike all in the same day!  I love the outdoors and have grown to love the beauty of the Sonoran desert. All of my great friends from the Air Force and mountain biking community live here too.

What inspired you to join the Trails Committee? 
We had "trails" but not the kind I really wanted to ride or hike, so I was inspired to build more single tracks in and around our community, plus my "dirt brother" friends made me join. It has been exciting to see our community out there on the trails enjoying our beautiful desert.

What is the Trails Committee up to these days? What can you tell us about the new “Up There” trail?
We are busy! We are still in the process of cleaning some of the trails that were punished with the heavy rains last fall, as well as working with Newland to open up more trails east of Estrella Parkway. "Up There" is the latest trail, and it parallels Estrella Parkway from the fire department to the high school for 1.65 miles. This trail offers incredible views of our community and showcases the beauty of our local desert. 

Do you have family with you at Estrella? 
I have a great and supportive family, which includes my wonderful wife of 30 years, Debbie and my three strapping sons Andy, Mat and Kyle. I also have two dogs - Clark the super dog and Scotty his sidekick, two cats that tolerate me and one fish. My wife is also known as the "Trail Widow.” Thanks Honey!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 
I am usually out in the desert building new trails or maintaining old ones, as well as hiking, or riding my mountain bike.  I also love to snow ski, but unfortunately I don't get to do that as much as I would like.

Estrella boasts more than 40 miles of hiking and biking trails that offer the opportunity to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors while taking in the beautiful desert landscape and mountain views.   Living in this amazing community affords residents so many ways to get involved.  Whether with the trails committee or the communications committee, your interests will get met.  Be sure and visit our Life in Estrella page to learn more.