Meet Estrella's Longest Running Principal

Since 2000, Dave Bogart has been a fixture in the Estrella community, much of that time spent leading our innovative STEM school as Principal of Westar Elementary.

Bogart has been an educator in the Goodyear school system since signing his first contract with Liberty Elementary in 1992. After nearly 10 years teaching fourth and fifth grade, Bogart turned his mind to administration. He spent a year as the Assistant Principal at Estrella Mountain Elementary before being promoted to principal, where he served for eight years before moving into his current position at Westar.

Bogart leads his students and staff under the school’s vision – “To inspire, engage, and prepare our next generations to be the inventors, explorers, and innovators who will lead achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.” True to this ideal, Westar opened a new science wing in 2013 to promote STEM education. The science wing is just one example of Bogart’s ongoing dedication to providing top-notch instruction and giving students skills that will help them succeed not only academically, but also in the real world.

Excellent school systems are a vital part of any thriving community and Bogart works every day to continue to make Estrella schools a focal point of the community. In the past six years programs in Westar have expanded to include a variety of offerings such as: robotics, clay animation, chess, drama and more.

“As someone who has been involved in the community for more than 15 years, it has been fun to watch the growth here over time,” said Bogart. “With the…options available to families there is no other place on the west side quite like Estrella.”

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