Estrella Mountain Regional Park – Get to Know Your 19,000-Acre Neighbor

In addition to great neighbors, living in Estrella also brings with it the opportunity to be right next door to Estrella Mountain Regional Park, home to more than 19,000 acres of desert and mountain beauty. The first regional park in the Maricopa County Park System, Estrella Mountain Regional Park has a large wetland area and many great amenities including the only grass picnic area in the park system.

From horseback riding to mountain biking, there’s opportunity to enjoy the park in more ways than many imagine. The competitive tracks located in the park are used primarily by mountain bikers but time-to-time you’ll find cross country runners and “endurance” horse riders.  The tracks are designed for high speeds, racing events and fun. They feature steep climbs, and drops, fast corners, twists and turns and rugged rocky terrain. Find more information at

You don’t have to be a thrill-seeker to enjoy Estrella Mountain Regional Park. Trails to take a leisurely stroll, campsites and playground areas for the kids are all part of the park’s immense beauty. If bird watching is more your style, 150 species call this park home. One of Estrella’s many community hiking paths even connects with the trails in the park.

After months of planning and development, Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department recently unveiled a new website. Take a look here and make your plans to start taking advantage of everything the Estrella community and Estrella Mountain Regional Park have to offer

Thousands of acres and endless possibilities. Sounds, amazing, right? Annual passes and discounts are available. Get more information at