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31 May . 2016

6 Tips to Make Moving with Kids a Snap


Let’s face it – moving is stressful. Whether you are hiring a moving company or you and your family decided to tackle all of the packing and organizing by yourselves- moving is a lot of work. A move is stressful on everyone in the family, but can be especially stressful for children. A new home, a new school and a new neighborhood can disrupt the schedule they have grown accustomed to; however, with some support, encouragement and a little up-front planning, you can help ease the impact a move can have on your children.

Tell your kids early
Give the news that you are moving early to give your kids time to adjust to the news; focus on the positive and let them know how they can – and how you expect them – to help out. Also be sure to focus on the things that won’t change after the move – schedules, routines, family traditions, etc.

Entrust them with tasks
Get everyone involved. Assign age appropriate moving tasks for everyone – from assembling and marking boxes to wrapping dishes and packing up clothes and toys, there is something that everyone can accomplish and contribute to the family move.

Introduce them to the area
As long as you aren’t moving an extreme long distance away, take you kids on a drive to see your new home and new neighborhood. Focus on the amenities like parks and recreation areas, schools and places of interest. If it is too far to make regular visits, snap some photos and take short videos and share with the whole family.

If a new school is also in order, try and organize a tour of the campus and a meet-and-greet with the appropriate teachers and faculty.

Pack smart
Keep comfort items – stuffed animals, toys or books – close at hand. Mark the boxes clearly and try to unload them first. These comfort items will make your new house feel like home quickly and will also help to ease any stress your kids might be feeling.

Jump right in
Do your research. Locate local clubs, organizations or groups that suit your family and get information about joining prior to moving. If your children play sports, find a local team for them to join. This will not only make them feel at home in their new neighborhood, but will also help them make new friends quickly that share the same interests.

Moving to Estrella? The City of Goodyear has youth sports teams throughout the year and there are nearly 150 summer camps and kids groups throughout the rest of the Valley. 

Give out your new information
Make sure friends, family and other acquaintances have your new contact information. Consider setting up a regular time to chat with old friends. If possible, plan some trips back to see old friends as well and stay connected as best as possible. Also consider getting a free account on Skype to video chat for a face-to-face catch up.

Estrella boasts a number of family-friendly amenities and has even had the honor of being named the Best Master Planned Community for Children in the Valley by AZ Foothills Magazine. The City of The City of Goodyear and the Estrella community have something for everybody in the family – from our top-notch schools and community events to our outdoor recreation amenities and the Starpointe Residents Club (complete with a water park!).  We hope you will soon discover why Estrella is a perfect place for kids to call home.


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