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16 March . 2016

Spring Cleaning Checklist


Springtime in the Valley of the Sun is beautiful. The desert gets a little greener, and we are reminded of all the wonderful traits the season brings -- blooming flowers, new life and a fresh, clean start. It’s no wonder that our annual deep clean is inspired by these seasonal changes.

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to go beyond what we do daily and focus on some of the items and areas of our homes that are overlooked throughout the year. Here are our tips for each room of your home:

Kitchen and laundry room

  • Inspect food and beverage expiration dates. Go through the fridge, freezer and pantry and discard any expired items.
  • Give appliances some added attention. Once you’ve wiped-down appliance faces, make sure to remove any racks, drawers, baskets or other accessories and run cleaning cycles if possible.
  • Deodorize surfaces to remove any lingering smells. We suggest using a vinegar-based solution using essential oils like this easy to make a deodorizing spray.
  • Remove excess lint from your dryer and inspect the ducts and vents. You’ll improve your dryer’s efficiency and reduce the potential for a fire.

Common rooms (living room, den, etc.)

  • Dust off light fixtures and ceiling fan blades. As the heat sets in, your fans will be working overtime.
  • Shampoo any rugs or carpet. If you have pets, you may want to consider hiring a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner.
  • Don’t forget to clean under furniture. Make sure to pull out and move any furniture, especially those larger pieces, and dust, vacuum and clean the areas we don’t always see. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to adjust your room’s layout!


  • Rotate your mattress and extend its life by preventing sagging and bowing. 
  • Update your seasonal wardrobe. Now is a good time to pack away heavy winter coats or sweaters and bring out the shorts and tank tops for summer! Here are some tips for storing your winter clothes to keep them moth and mildew free.
  • Remove and wash window treatments. Blinds can be easily vacuumed with a small attachment, while some drapery panels may require dry cleaning – so be sure to check the care instructions.


  • Clean out your medicine cabinet. Check the expiration dates on any prescription and over the counter medicines as well as toiletries and cosmetic products. Here’s a quick reference list for makeup expiration dates.
  • Inspect caulk and grout around sinks, tubs and showers and patch up any areas that appear to have any mold, build up or cracking/peeling.
  • Wash your shower curtain and liner. If your liner is showing any signs of mold or mildew, this is a great time to replace it.

Outdoor spaces

  • Check rain gutters and your roof for any debris.
  • Visually inspect your air conditioning unit and consider having a professional tune-up your A/C system before you really need it.
  • Ensure your pool equipment (filters, pumps, etc.) is functioning properly.

While spring cleaning the entire house can seem like a daunting task, encourage your whole family to get involved and assign age-appropriate duties to your children and spouse. The work will go faster, and once complete, you can all enjoy and be proud of the end result together!

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