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4 people holding up blankets made by Hugs and Stiches at a medical facility

23 March . 2016

Our Volunteers Brighten 3,500 Children's Lives

Members of Hugs & Stitches, a volunteer sewing group in Estrella, has sewn thousands of colorful pillowcases to cheer up children in the hospital.

The residents of Estrella are the fabric of the community they are caring and committed individuals continually embracing the spirit of giving back.  One such group has taken the spirit of giving to the next level, Hugs and Stitches.

Every year thousands of sick and injured children enter valley pediatric hospitals and special care facilities.  This hospital stay can be frightening to a child of any age. The mission of Hugs & Stitches is to “brighten a child’s stay”, “ease their discomfort” and “bring a smile to their face”.  Having their own brightly colored pillow to hug can ease painful and scary moments and makes them feel special.

They send their love to these children by sewing fun novelty and themed pillowcases which are then delivered to the hospitals.  Since patients are minors the volunteers are unable to distribute them, but the staff is always appreciative and shares with the organization how their pillowcases calm and comfort the children, which makes their job easier.   Last year, a total to 3,500 pillowcases were donated to Banner Thunderbird, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Maricopa County Arizona Children’s Center, Cardon Children’s Center and Ryan House.  To make such a difference in so many lives earns them the right to be extremely proud of their accomplishments because to them it means 3,500 SMILES on the faces of children.

Our Estrella volunteers have a sewing session at Starpointe Residents Club every Thursday from 9am-2pm and we would love to see new faces.  Bring your sewing machine or you can help by pinning, turning or ironing.  The pillowcase kits will be supplied along with new friends and conversation.  Not able to attend?  We have volunteers that sew or launder the pillowcases at home. 

As a 501©3 organization, Hugs and Stitches depend on tax deductible donations from caring people within the community. For additional information go to www.hugs-stitchesaz.org. You can contact Nancy Kramer at nancy@hugs-stitchesaz.org or (623)393-9255, she would love to tell you more.