Why Do Residents Love it Here?

Is it the 72 acres of lakes and natural beauty? Estrella's five-star amenities? Or our inviting, close-knit community?


As part of its commitment to community building, from time-to-time Newland Communities conducts survey with Estrella residents to better understand their wants and needs. The purpose is to gather additional information on resident satisfaction and gain deeper insights on how to improve upon, or add to, the vast selection of amenities to make Estrella an even better community.

Here are some of the key findings from a recent study:

  • The lakes and community activities are among the most highly rated features of the community.
  • Estrella residents also love their homes! The family rooms and backyards were cited as the two rooms that would be missed most if they were to move.
  • Finally, residents appreciate the sense of community. People value their neighbors and feeling safe at all times.


While physical amenities and the natural beauty at Estrella consistently receive high praise, it is the positive experience with the people in the community that a majority of residents cite as the deciding factor in purchasing an Estrella home. More than 50 percent of residents surveyed said that the overall feeling of community was a major factor. More than 35 percent pointed to a positive experience with knowledgeable, friendly and helpful sales representatives and community members as a key factor in the decision to buy a home in Estrella.


As the developer of Estrella, we value resident input and refer to this information when determining where we need to improve and direct long-term community planning. In a previous resident survey, we noticed many residents had asked for additional facilities to compliment a social lifestyle and community bonding. The upcoming residents club, Presidio, will feature many of the requested amenities such as intimate gathering spaces, a café and a beer and wine bar.


We appreciate the commitment our residents show to their community and their willingness to share their opinions about Estrella.