Amenities: How Estrella Helps its Residents Meet Their Resolutions

Isn’t it great to have some time set aside to review your goals and set some resolutions for the new year? We believe making and keeping goals helps people to live full and fulfilled lives as they are constantly growing and improving. Sometimes, though, the following scenario plays out — we compile our list of resolutions, determined that this will be the year we’ll lose those 15 extra pounds, maintain a spotless house, and lose that bad habit of biting our nails. Unfortunately, a little time passes, our lists get placed in a disorganized kitchen drawer, and suddenly December rolls around again with our resolutions still unmet. If that’s the story of your life (it happens to us all the time!), there’s hope on the horizon, especially if you live in the Estrella master-planned community. Our community amenities and features empower residents to meet their goals; here are some of our favorites, as well as some handy apps to help you stay motivated along the way.

Resolution #1: Health

The season of great feasts, holiday cookies and lazy vacation days is drawing to a close — now it’s time to get in shape! To empower residents who are envisioning a healthier, thinner or more energetic version of themselves in 2016, the Estrella community offers a myriad of options for exercise. For those who like to hit the gym, the Starpointe Residents Club hosts a fitness center that’s well stocked with equipment and weights. The personal trainers there help members formulate eating and exercise strategies to empower them to meet their health goals, as well as hold them accountable for maintaining those goals throughout the year. The fitness center also offers regular aerobic classes, where the high energy and group exercise setting inspire residents to push themselves towards their fitness goals. Members who want a more low-impact workout can enjoy the outdoor heated lap pool. And no one needs to stress out about what to do with their kids — they can just bring them along! Children can play in the youth club or PreSchooner Club while their parents work out.

Track your progress in your exercise regimen with the popular MyFitnessPal and SparkPeople apps. They make tracking exercise and diet fun with built-in games and rewards. If you prefer to get in shape outdoors, stay tuned for the next section.


Resolution #2: Enjoy the Great Outdoors More Often

If you can hear the outdoors calling your name, Estrella is the place to be. Residents often play games, organize play dates for their kids, or enjoy picnics in any one of our 30+ parks, including the North Lake, South Lake and Bougainvillea Park. We’ve gotten great feedback from our local adrenaline junkies who use the new bike pump track which opened in early 2015 (and has plans to become even more adventurous in this year). And the community boasts over 20 miles of paths and trails, perfect for hiking, running or biking through ravines, mountains, or alongside the shores of our two lakes. For a great guide to trails all over the world, check out the EveryTrail app, which boasts more than 400,000 routes for biking, running and hiking, complete with safety and user tips.

Residents can take advantage of the Estrella Yacht Club and can utilize sailboats, paddleboats, kayaks and canoes. The club also offers numerous classes, like sailing, water safety, and pre-schooner activities for families with small children.

Many would argue that the best way to get outside is pushing a bag full of golf clubs. Residents and non-residents alike can enjoy the award-winning Golf Club of Estrella, a par-72, 18-hole championship golf course by Nicklaus Design. After enjoying your fun in the sun, you can retreat to the Player’s Grill and Patio for happy hour or lunch/dinner after the game.


Resolution #3: Spend More Time with Family

Family is important in Estrella — that’s why we go to such great lengths to organize family-friendly events each month to bring people together. Some of our favorites from 2015 included our 2nd Annual Goodyear Lakeside Music Fest, 3rd Annual Salute Our Troops Run, monthly Lakeside Farmers Markets, and the popular Flavor Fun. We plan a bevy of different events, ranging in attendance anywhere from four families to hundreds. If you want to keep in touch with all of our events coming in 2016, “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or check out our events calendar.

When you have determined some specific goals for spending more time with your family (i.e. eat dinner together every night), you can use a goal tracking app like or Strides to help you stay on target.

Stay tuned next week for our blog on how to turn your 2015 memories into 2016 home décor items.