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Tammy Dixon Lifestyle Director of CantaMia

09 February . 2016

Get to Know Your CantaMia Lifestyle Director

CantaMia is Estrella’s 55 Plus village where Lifestyle Director Tammy Dixon is charged with keeping activities and event calendars full, giving residents the option of being as active or social as they like.  Chances are you will find something that is just perfect for your life, whether it’s an organized ride or hike, attending a cooking demonstration or sitting back for a concert under the stars.  Tammy’s got it covered.  

Since the Village Center is CantaMia’s social hub we wanted to introduce you to Tammy, who also lives in Estrella too, and see what inspires, motivates and puts a smile on her face. 
Name: Tammy Dixon

Job Title:  Lifestyle Director

Married/Single:  Married

Kids:  4 Kids

A typical day in my life includes… I’m usually up by 6am, making sure the kids are all up and getting ready for school. At work by 7:30am/8:00am, meetings, planning, socializing with residents, home by 4pm, dinner, laundry, homework then maybe some me time?  Hopefully it’s Thursday and the hubby and I can watch Gray’s Anatomy!
I was born… Boston Massachusetts
My favorite thing about Estrella… I have been a resident and have worked in Estrella for nearly 9 years.  When I moved here I knew I wanted to raise my kids here because Estrella gives you that sense of community that I grew up with!   To answer the question, I love the small town feel.
I'm listening to… I love all music but you will always find “new” country playing on my ipod!
My family… I’ve been married to my husband Neal since September, 2014.  We have a beautifully blended family.  My two teenage boys, Taylor 18 and Trent 16, Neals two children, Aubrey 9 and Kent 7.  I was so blessed to have my parents and my youngest sister and her husband and niece move to Estrella in the past few years, so a big part of my family followed me here and they all love Estrella too.
If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be…  My step brother passed away a few years back in a quad accident, so I never really got to say good bye. I would love to have dinner with him one more time to tell him how much I love him and how truly proud I am of him!
One thing I cannot live without… Coffee, I’ve tried to give it up so many times, but I can’t function without it.
When I was younger, I wanted to be… Attorney
I'm inspired by… My boys
The one person who motivates me is… Not one person but the love of life motivates me everyday
If I could change anything in the world, it would be…  Negativity, if people focused on the positive in everything, the world would be a much happier place!
The perfect day would be… On the lake camping with my family riding our jet skis!
My first job was… I worked in a locally family owned Ice Cream shop, scooping Ice Cream
My favorite escape… Anywhere on the water
My life… Is nearly perfect!  I have a great job, my family, my health…Life is good!
I'm currently working on… My oldest son is graduating from Estrella Foothills High at the end of May, so I’m party planning for him! I’m always planning some sort of event…

Always… Say “I love you” to my family and friends when leaving or going to bed

Never… Take for granted how precious life is!
Favorite Quote… I've always thought that holding on was the strongest thing a person could do, now I see that letting go takes an enormous amount of courage!  I’m not sure where I first read this but it popped up on my Facebook post from 5 years ago.
Biggest Dream… See my children succeed and live happy lives
My Pet Peeve(s)… When things are left half done at home and work, oh and clutter (drives me crazy)