Estrella’s Pre-Schooner Club — The Chance for Parents to Take a Break

As any parent can attest — sometimes you just need a little break from your kids. Even if it’s just for an hour or so, parents need some time to themselves to get in a good daily workout, or just relax. It’s hard to balance work, personal time and children in the daily grind.


Recognizing this need in Estrella, the Pre-Schooner Club was created, as an area in Starpointe Residents Club where residents can drop their kids off and take a breather. While kids enjoy free play under the watchful gaze of our trained staff, parents are free to take advantage of the club’s amenities.


Train sets, Minnie-Mouse, action figures and dolls, our kids’ room is packed to the brim with fun toys for the kids to play. To make sure our kids don’t get bored, these toys are refreshed with new ones at least once a quarter. There is plenty of room in the outdoor enclosed space for energetic kids to work out the wiggles, playing basketball or house on the children’s play sets. Our staff not only keep close tabs on the kids, but play with them as well, making sure everyone is engaged.


While the Pre-Schooner Club is a great opportunity for parents to enjoy some alone time while utilizing the club, it also provides kids with the chance to get out of the house and socialize, a skill that is important as they grow into young adults. Many kids form lasting friendships and bring their parents together after meeting in our kids’ club.


For more information about the other perks offered to Estella residents, visit our Lifestyle page.

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