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a blurred home in the background and a smartphone showing an app that controls home options like lighting security

01 December . 2016

4 Ways to Incorporate Tech into Your House

Who remembers “Smart House”, the Disney movie that depicted a fully automated dream house chalk full of technology? Home tech has improved insurmountably since the late 90’s when the movie debuted, and now you can turn your own residence into a smart home of your own with these high-tech additions.

Smart Thermostat

A great place to begin bringing technology into your home is with a smart thermostat. It helps keep your home comfortable, while also saving you money on energy. Our top choice, the Nest Learning Thermostat, does just that. With a bright vibrant display and simple installation, the Nest is a solid investment that pays for itself in energy savings. This smart thermostat learns your habits, and temperature preferences and uses your phone’s location to sense when you’re at home and when you’re away. The Nest also features a handy and user-friendly mobile app, allowing you to monitor and control your home’s temperature from anywhere. Throughout the year, Nest will even send you reports on your savings and power usage to show how much you’re saving. It’s a great start to a smart house.

Smart Lighting

“Smart bulbs” are some of the newest technology to hit store shelves in the last year. These advanced lighting options such as LIFX or Philips Hue allow you the ability to change the bulbs’ color and brightness via an app on a smart phone or tablet, giving you the power to set the mood for any occasion. Some products even allow the capability to sync up with your television, changing colors of the room based off the action of whatever you’re watching.

Smart Sound

Say goodbye to the massive, obtrusive home theater systems of the past. Say hello to the future with smart sound for your home. Today you can get big sound without taking up all the space. If you want to immediately add some boom into your home, the Amazon Echo is a great place to begin. With its Alexa Voice Service, you can ask it questions about weather, traffic, sports and more, play music from your favorite sources like Spotify or Pandora and you can even order an Uber or a pizza! If you’re looking to build a sound system throughout your house, give SONOS a look. The beauty of SONOS is you can start with just one speaker, then over time purchase additional speakers to expand the system. The speakers are small and discrete, and allow you the ability to play and control music in different rooms from your smart device using your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Smart Security

Lastly, a smart home would not be complete without security. State-of-the-art security cameras, locks and smoke detectors have brought technology to the affordable level. Nest Protect system is a smoke alarm that thinks, speaks and can send alerts to your phone in case of emergency. Nest also offers indoor and outdoor security cameras that are motion enabled, send you alerts when you’re away and store high-resolution recordings for up to 30 days. With these additions, you’re well on your way to bringing your home into the future. With a little research, you can find the technology that is right for your lifestyle. Now, all we need is for someone to invent self-cleaning floors.


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