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13 April . 2016

Life Hacks

Healthy Life Hacks

Between hectic schedules and the never-ending list of things that need to get done, we don’t always have time to take care of ourselves. When time is limited, we like to rely on some simple and easy, every day changes and activities to help our families live and be a little healthier.


Putting down the cell phone from time to time is simply a good practice – especially at night before bed. Take advantage of apps like Moment, Forest and Checky to help monitor your phone usage and inspire you to spend a few hours away from that little screen.

Feeling stressed? Try smelling some citrus. You read that right; the smell of citrus has been linked to decreased stress and anxiety. For a chemical-free and easy way to stop and smell the oranges, boil orange peels and a teaspoon of cinnamon. And feel your anxiety melt away.

If your memory is getting a little fuzzy and you are forgetting things more often, try saying the things you need to remember out loud. From studying to-do lists and reciting the task at hand, you will be more likely to remember them later. But if you really must remember something, write it on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. You’ll save time and paper!


Drink more water. We’ve all heard it before – our bodies need water. It’s great for your hair, skin and overall health. Need motivation to get those eight glasses in each day? Add a little graffiti to a water bottle to challenge yourself and track your day’s progress.

Take better advantage of TV time. We all have our guilty TV pleasures, so instead of skipping through the commercials, why not take advantage of them! During a commercial break, get up and get moving by doing jumping jacks, crunches or squats.

If you often suffer from headaches, especially tension headaches, it’s tempting to reach for the ibuprofen. Next time, try out one of these easy hacks for handling any headache.

Home and Work

Traditional home cleaning products are not only expensive, but are also often full of harsh chemicals. Consider green cleaning products or take it one step farther and take advantage of chemical-free ways to clean your home – from the kitchen, to the bedroom and even in the bathroom.

Introduce a plant or two to your workspace. A number of houseplants are known for their air cleaning abilities and help to create a calmer work area – CIPHR suggests that plants can help reduce stress, hostility and fatigue.

Taking short breaks from sitting, especially in front of a computer screen, is really important. Try and get up and walk around if you can. If you only have a few minutes, or even seconds, try out these easy stretches. Even the smallest movement and brain break can help you refocus.

We all know life gets a little crazy, but it’s important that we carve out time to take care of ourselves. From not skipping breakfast (may we suggest a few nearby places?) to getting enough sleep, simple “life hacks” can make a big difference in our everyday lives.