Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! 

Earth Day is on April 22 and is a day to celebrate this amazing planet we call home. When it comes to respecting our Mother Earth through our day-to-day actions, it doesn’t take a lot of change. If we can collectively make slight adjustments to our everyday living, together we can make a big difference.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve collected a few easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint in a few minutes – and for a few dollars – or less. 

On the road

  •   Drive smarter by accelerating slowly and smoothly and maintaining a steady speed (and follow posted speed limits)
  •    Keep your tires properly inflated
  •    Make sure your car is in tip-top shape by taking it in for regular maintenance. This easy to follow schedule from CarCare will help you to know when certain things like batteries and oil should be checked and changed.
  •    Carpool with other travelers. This doesn’t just have to be to and from work. You could carpool with other families to sporting events or even to the grocery store with a friend or neighbor
  •    In your home
  •    Monitor your shower use and consider installing a water-conserving showerhead
  •    Speaking of phone chargers, unplug any gadgets when they are not in use, including computer and phone chargers

At work

  •   Think before you print. Consider double sided – or if you even need to print a document at all. It might even be a good time to try to go completely paperless. Many offices are making the effort to move employees to all digital. This article from TIME provides five tips to help organize documents and cut out paper.
  •    Turn out the lights when you leave a room
  •    Does your office use recycled paper? If not, lead the charge and make a case to switch those office printers to recycled paper and start a recycling program.

And these are only the beginning. If you want more ideas, read our blog “10 Energy Saving Tips from Gehan Homes” for even more options. Happy Earth Day!