Tips for a safe (and spooky!) Halloween

Get those candy bowls and costumes ready – Halloween is on its way. Halloween activities like pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating are always a blast, however they can come with some not-so-festive hazards. But fear not! Builder of the Month AV Homes has assembled a list of tips to keep your spooky celebrations as safe as possible.

1. Pumpkin carving

  • Have kids draw their designs on pumpkins with black marker – then a parent or older sibling can carve
  • Get messy and pull out pumpkin guts with your hands instead of using a knife
  • Lay newspaper in your work area beforehand. Pumpkin flesh can get very slippery very fast when it hits wood or laminate flooring!
  • Consider flameless candles to avoid risk of fire

2. Trick-or-treating

  • Don’t let young children trick-or-treat without the supervision of a trusted adult
  • Be sure older children take friends and stay together while trick-or-treating
  • Always walk younger children to the door to receive treats
  • Plan a trick-or-treating route in familiar areas of your neighborhood that are well-lit
  • Attach reflective tape to costumes and candy bags so drivers can better see you

3. Candy consumption

  • Stick to factory wrapped candies as opposed to homemade confections from strangers
  • Don’t eat candy with rips, holes and tears in wrappers
  • Feed kids a big meal beforehand so they won’t eat as much candy after trick-or-treating
  • Let your children splurge on Halloween– but within reason
  • Keep the candy haul out of reach to easier monitor and moderate how much your children are eating after Halloween

And that’s it! Follow these tips for a spooky, fun and, most importantly, safe Halloween holiday. Have some tips you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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