Resident Spotlight: Meet the Valencias

Estrella is a community that was founded upon friendship and family. This is the reason that Estrella continues to thrive, and the bond between those who work and live here only grows stronger. The Valencias are a great example of how a strong sense of community can be a deciding factor in choosing where to live and raise a family.

Krystal and her husband Kenneth Valencia are Estrella residents who recently moved to the Shea Homes neighborhood of Inspire with their two children, seven-year-old Jayden and his three-year-old sister Jada. The family decided to move to be closer to Westar Elementary where Jayden goes to school, but their reason for choosing Estrella goes much deeper than that. Krystal and Kenneth immediately fell in love with the community because of its amenities, top-notch schools and beautiful location. However, the final deciding factor was the people.

“Estrella has a certain vibe to it that we really enjoyed,” said Krystal. While deciding between Estrella and a few other locations, the Valencias could not get past the sense of “home” that they felt at Estrella. “We chose Estrella because of the fact that the community feels like a close knit family.”

Their time so far at Estrella has been fantastic, and the whole family is taking full advantage of the community amenities. Jayden has begun playing baseball and the family has been making frequent trips to their neighborhood park. The family loves long hikes and access to the extensive Estrella trail system, and Kenneth is an avid golfer and enjoys Golf Club of Estrella.

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