4 simple steps to throwing a great football watch party by William Ryan Homes

NFL season has arrived and that means Sunday, Mondays, and Thursdays are a little more exciting for football fans and party enthusiasts alike. How does Estrella builder William Ryan Homes suggest celebrating? A couple of great game-day recipes and a lot of team spirit, for starters.  Kick off your game day party with these simple steps:

Step 1: Send those invites!

First, decide how many people you want to attend your party. Maybe you want to host the watch party of the century and invite everyone you know, or maybe you want something a bit smaller in size. Put together your guest list and send out a Facebook invite or email to get the ball rolling.

Step 2: Shop ‘till you drop.

Once you have a good idea of how many people you are expecting, it’s time to hit the grocery store. If you’re strapped for recipe ideas, see some of our favorites below:

Step 3: Tidy up and put on your game face.

Give your party viewing area  a little TLC to make sure your guests are comfortable throughout the game. You could also consider adding some festive decorations (in Arizona Cardinals colors, of course!)

Step 4: Game time.

Now it’s time to do your cooking, organize your food table, put the finishing touches on your décor and get ready to party! Be sure to stock up on ice and chill your drinks before your guests arrive.

Follow these steps and your football party will be a touchdown worthy of a celebration dance. For more information on William Ryan Homes at Golf Ridge in Estrella, featuring gorgeous golf and mountain views, click here.  Have something to add? Share with us in the comments!