Safety Tips for Kids

Whether you're hitting the road or hanging poolside, keep these everyday safety suggestions in mind. 

Water Safety

Whether it’s in the pool, at the lake or your trip to the ocean, being in and around water can be a great way to stay active and have fun. The American Red Cross recommends swim lessons as one of the best ways to stay safe around water, but also consider these easy tips:

  • Only swim in designated areas supervised by lifeguards.
  • Never leave a young child unattended near water and teach children to ask permission before jumping in.
  • If you are boating, always wear a life jacket. The same goes for small children – even in the pool.
  • Establish rules for your family that are always enforced, like the buddy system or not running near the pool.

Sun Safety

We all know that the sun’s UV rays can damage our skin and lead to skin cancer, but fear not sun lovers, stick to the following and you won’t have to avoid Mr. Sun completely:

  • Always, always, always wear sunscreen. This is important year-round, but is particularly pertinent during the hot summer months when the UV index is stronger.
  • Give your skin a break and seek shade when you can.
  • Protect your skin further with clothing, hats and sunglasses.
  • Read your sunscreen’s label. Choose products with a SPF above 30, ensure your brand is water resistant, “broad spectrum” and check your bottle’s expiration date.
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Car safety

Nothing says family fun like and old-fashioned road trip! No matter where you might be headed there are a few measures you can take to ensure you arrive safely.

  • Never leave children or pets inside the car, as the temperature can rise and become dangerous quickly.
  • Keep a first aid kit including water, road atlas and repair tools in your car in case of an accident or emergency on the road.
  • Make sure all passengers are properly buckled up or secured in booster seats.
  • Secure all potential projectiles.