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Full moon rising over Estrella welcome sign and Star Tower

20 July . 2015

An interview with the Estrella Photo Group President

We sat down with Estrella resident and Photo Group President, Alice Slack, to talk about art, photography and the benefits of getting involved in the Estrella community’s groups and clubs.


How did you get into photography?

I have always been interested in photography, initially mostly to make memories.  My children call me the “Mama-razzi”.  However, my passion is shooting wildlife and scenics.  My husband did not know what a monster he was creating when he gave me my first SLR camera!

Why should people give photography a try?

Creating photos from the original shot, using composition, lighting and correct exposure is key.  Developing RAW files in the digital darkroom and post-processing takes the process further and defines a photographer and his or her work.

If one is interested in taking their photography to an advanced or professional level then our photography group is the place to learn and/or exchange ideas and information.  Also, seeing advanced or professional photographers’ photos gives us something to aspire to.

How does photography compare to other art forms?

Photography is the juxtaposition of creative and technical aspects.

In addition to the creative aspects in composing photos, there are technical aspects such as choosing the correct aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings on your camera.  Post-processing digital images also requires some technical knowledge as well as a creative vision.

What events, activities, meetings etc. does the Photo Group take part in?

Every 1st Thursday of the month we have our presentation meeting where members bring two photos to be voted on by their peers.  The four photos, which have been selected by the group, hang on the gallery wall throughout the month at Starpointe Residents Club, which was generously donated by Oasis Bagels.  We attend a breakfast the following Friday morning to answer viewers’ questions about our photos, which are on display.

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month we have an education meeting where we feature presenters on a variety of photography subjects such as Photoshop, Camera Raw, Plug-ins, Lighting, Portraiture, Composition and many other topics.

How long have you been a member of the Photo Group and how big is the group?

I have been a member of the group for 3 and ½ years and President of the group for 2 and ½ years.  We have 34 members with about 24 of them being active participants.

What is the group’s greatest accomplishment?

As a group, sharing information and technical expertise challenges members to try new things and improve upon their photography. When we see excellent examples of photography we, as members, strive to learn what other, more advanced photographers already know.

What is your favorite part about Photo group?

Photo group is an exchange of knowledge and ideas and it’s wonderful to be around others who share the same interest.

Learning is such an adventure.  Fortunately, the more I learn, the more I still need to learn so I will never tire of photography.  Being in this group has taught me more than I learned in 15 years of subscribing to magazines and buying books and software.

For more information about photography or getting involved with the Photo Group, email Alice at aslack5@cox.net. Estrella has over 40 other clubs and groups to join as well, visit lifeinestrella.com for more information.

Estrella at night photo provided by Dave Finley of the Estrella Photo Group