A few tips from a Starpointe personal trainer

Estrella is a community that values living a healthy lifestyle and features an abundance of amenities such as miles of hiking paths, various community parks, pools and sporting fields/courts. Starpointe Residents Club features a state-of-the art fitness facility and personal trainers that work on-site to help residents achieve their fitness goals. One such trainer, Bob Jankowski, offered up a few tips for starting and maintaining an exercise program. Jankowski is a certified personal fitness trainer and Estrella resident.

  • Number one – always be sure you are given the green light from your doctor before starting a new fitness routine, especially if you previously have never engaged in regular exercise.         
  • Choose a workout time that is convenient - when the initial enthusiasm and motivation starts to wear off, an inconvenient workout time leads most people to quit their fitness programs. Make it easy to fit exercise into your daily schedule.  
  • Have a routine – this is where a personal trainer can definitely help you get started. A trainer will conduct an initial movement and body composition assessment and help design a workout to help meet your fitness goals in an injury-free way.
  • Stay motivated – read fitness related literature, set clear goals, track your progress and celebrate your accomplishments when you take steps to meet those goals. It’s important to not give in to the easy excuses to skip your workout, the hardest part of your fitness program is lacing up your sneakers. Remember, any completed routine is an accomplishment!
  • Progress in intensity – stale workouts can be ineffective, go slow but gradually increase the intensity. This could mean increasing the weight, reps and number of sets of your routine or simply adjusting your tempo and rest time. Again, one of the Starpointe trainers can assist with determining appropriate ways to safely increase the intensity of your routine.

A fitness enthusiast for nearly 50 years, Jankowski has been a certified trainer for the past three years. To learn more about fitness offerings and personal training options in Estrella, stop by the front desk at Starpointe Residents Club or call 623-386-1949.