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mother showing daughter how to roll dough in the kitchen

22 December . 2015

Tips and Recipes to Make Baking with Kids Sweet

The kitchen is a great place to make memories, as parents and children come together to talk, laugh and make something delicious. While stove-top cooking might be hard to do with little ones, children of all ages can contribute when it comes to prepping and decorating goodies and treats. Here are some handy tips and recipes to make your baking session fun.

Tip 1: Clear Your Calendar

We often get used to living in fast-forward mode, between work, school and extra-curricular activities. When it comes to baking with kids, keep in mind that children tend to take their time, and that they won’t enjoy a rushed experience. Schedule your baking session with plenty of spare time so you can slow down and enjoy the memories.

Add some sprinkles to your celebration with this delicious Holiday Confetti Cake Batter Recipe from the Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Tip 2: Prep the Kitchen

When baking with kids, things can get a little messy. There are a couple of things you can do, though, that will keep the messes manageable and make cleanup a breeze. For example, you can cover the entire prep table with waxed paper, thus making sure you don’t have to scrub dried cookie dough off the table later. Also, if there will be sprinkles involved, it’s a good idea to lay a sheet down under the sprinkle station. That way, when the last sprinkle has been sprung, you can gather up the sheet, take it to the trash, and shake the mess away.

For some great post-baking cleanup tips, check out this kitchen-cleaning guide from The 36th Avenue blog.

Tip 3: Set the Mood

With a few simple tricks, you can really help everyone get in the mood. First, put on some kid-related music. Also, be sure to turn off the TV to avoid distractions. Second, because it may be hard for children to smell the treats baking and then have to wait until the end to try one. Make the wait more bearable by setting out a glass of milk at the beginning or a light snack.

Tip 4: Break it Down

Kids love to feel like they are contributing. Assign each an age-specific job and let them do as much as they can on their own. When makingcookies, for example, the older children can measure ingredients, set the timer, and even put things in the oven, while the younger ones can stir, cut out shapes with cookie cutters, and do the decorating. That way, everyone feels like they were a part of the action.  


Tip 5: Let It Go

It’s wonderful to have a clean house, well-kept children, and a spotless kitchen. But those aren’t the things fun memories are made of. Looking back, your kids will probably remember how fun it was to get frosting all over their hands, or how they dumped way too many green sprinkles on the cookies, or how everyone spent the hour giggling — not how clean the kitchen was. So sit back, relax, take lots of pictures, and enjoy the memories.


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