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03 December . 2015

Host gift ideas

Show your party or overnight vacation hosts your gratitude for their hard work with a thoughtful host or hostess gift. People sometimes get stressed out by the idea of giving host gifts as they struggle to find one that achieves the perfect balance of cost, function and personal touches. Here are some things to consider when choosing your gift. 

First, what is something he or she would like? Oftentimes, when we don’t know what to get for someone else, we buy things that we would like without giving the recipient a second thought. If you don’t know the host or hostess well enough to know for sure, ask someone who does, so you can bring something useful and appealing. Second, remember that you don’t have to break the bank when buying a host gift. The importance of the gift is the gesture, not the price tag. For other great etiquette tips, check out this article by Etiquette Expert Debby Mayne: Proper-Host-And-Hostess-Gift-Etiquette

Still struggling to think of a good host gift? By adding a creative twist to traditional items like flowers and gourmet beverages, you can give your hosts something that stands out from the crowd. 

Holiday Party

There are so many fun ways you can get creative with a hostess gift during the holiday season. Some gift staples include a beautiful holiday ornament or fresh poinsettias. If you’re planning to bring an adult beverage, dress it up with a homemade bottle wrap. That way, your host still gets the joy of unwrapping a gift and it shows that you put in effort beyond just stopping at the store. Learn how to make your own wrap here: www.marthastewart.com

People always appreciate gifts that make hosting run more smoothly. If your host loves organizing wine and cheese fêtes, for example, World Market has some great gift cheese slicer options, like this white marble one featured below. It looks more expensive than it is and will really come in handy during future parties. Click here for more details: www.worldmarket.com

Apart from running out of food, the worst thing that can happen to a host at a party is dead silence. Help your host avoid that awkward situation by bringing Table Topics, decks of question-and-answer conversation cards that can keep the party rolling. You can buy them here: www.uncommongoods.com

Overnight Stay

We recommend choosing an extra nice gift for a host or hostess that invites you to stay overnight — think of all the extra food, laundry and cleaning they have to do! If you know about your trip far enough in advance, you can get your host or hostess personalized gifts, like an engraved carving board, embroidered apron or wall art featuring their family name. One fragrant option to consider is monogrammed soap, a sweet-smelling addition to any guest bathroom. Gianna Rose offers several delightful scents, and each soap looks fancy with its pretty linen paper and grosgrain ribbon: www.caswellmassey.com

If you like making your own gifts, you should check out Martha Stewart’s Scented Sugars recipe. Scented sugars add a subtle flavor to bakes goods, coffee or tea. A small batch in a pretty jar lasts a long time and makes a creative host gift. Find the recipe here: www.marthastewart.com

When the guest list is long and trips extend over several days or weeks, the host may feel a little overwhelmed trying to keep everyone well fed. Consider bringing the ingredients for one of the meals (and then offering to cook it yourself) to take some weight off your host or hostess’ shoulders.