Model Builder Square Feet #Br #Ba Price

Melody 210x140

Melody - MODELAV Homes (55 and Better)118922$145,990

CM Staccato A 248x140

Staccato - NEW HOME DESIGN & MODELAV Homes (55 and Better)122022$147,990

Harmony 210x140

Harmony - MODELAV Homes (55 and Better)132022$152,990

CM Libretto A 248x140

Libretto - NEW HOME DESIGN & MODELAV Homes (55 and Better)137522$153,990

CantaMia Aria 210x140

Aria - MODELAV Homes (55 and Better)141922$161,990

CM Mezzo A 248x140

Mezzo - NEW HOME DESIGNAV Homes (55 and Better)152222$156,990

Cantata 210x140

CantataAV Homes (55 and Better)152622$169,990

CantaMia Rhythm 210x140

RhythmAV Homes (55 and Better)155022$161,990

CM Sonata A 248x140

Sonata - NEW HOME DESIGNAV Homes (55 and Better)162922$184,990

Ballad 210x140

BalladAV Homes (55 and Better)169422$177,990

Tempo 210x140

TempoAV Homes (55 and Better)170022$167,990

CM Operatta A 248x140

Operetta - NEW HOME DESIGN & MODELAV Homes (55 and Better)173222$192,990

CantaMia Serenade 210x140 (chorus)

SerenadeAV Homes (55 and Better)176622$183,990

CM Rondo A 248x140

Rondo - NEW HOME DESIGNAV Homes (55 and Better)183222$198,990

CantaMia Allegro 210x140

AllegroAV Homes (55 and Better)185822$211,990

Cadence 210x140

Cadence AV Homes (55 and Better)189822$216,990

CM Legato A 140 x 210

Legato - NEW HOME DESIGN & MODELAV Homes (55 and Better)204322.5$213,990

Bolero 210x140

BoleroAV Homes (55 and Better)204622$219,990

CM Madrigal A 248x140

Madrigal - NEW HOME DESIGN & MODELAV Homes (55 and Better)226122$232,990

Vivace 210x140

VivaceAV Homes (55 and Better)228022$227,990

Crescendo 210x140

Crescendo - MODELAV Homes (55 and Better)232322.5$252,990

CM Tremolo A 248x140

Tremolo - NEW HOME DESIGNAV Homes (55 and Better)236422.5$248,990

CantaMia Concerto 210x140

Concerto - MODELAV Homes (55 and Better)260022.5$264,990

Ovation 210x140

OvationAV Homes (55 and Better)268622.5$263,990

Encore 210x140

EncoreAV Homes (55 and Better)285222.5$271,990