Model Builder Square Feet #Br #Ba Price
Staccato - MODELAV Homes (55-Plus)122022$159,990
Libretto - MODELAV Homes (55-Plus)137522$167,990
Aria - MODELAV Homes (55-Plus)141622$173,990
BalladAV Homes (55-Plus)169422$191,990
SerenadeAV Homes (55-Plus)176622$194,990
CorvinaAV Homes - FINAL CLOSEOUT16192$209,990
Operetta - MODELAV Homes (55-Plus)172322$209,990
FianoAV Homes - FINAL CLOSEOUT182032$221,990
Cadence AV Homes (55-Plus)189822$230,990
Legato - MODELAV Homes (55-Plus)204622.5$232,990
ZinfandelAV Homes - FINAL CLOSEOUT212932.5$233,990
BoleroAV Homes (55-Plus)204622$234,990
CrenshawWilliam Ryan Homes191222.5$240,990
Madrigal - MODELAV Homes (55-Plus)226122$249,990
Joshua - NEW HOME DESIGNWilliam Ryan Homes198132.5$249,990
Jacklin - MODELWilliam Ryan Homes209232.5$250,990
Compel - NEW HOME DESIGN & MODELShea Homes - NOW OPEN247232$263,990
Crescendo - MODELAV Homes (55-Plus)232322.5$268,990
Indulge - NEW HOME DESIGN & MODELShea Homes - NOW OPEN254343$269,990
Jacobs - MODELWilliam Ryan Homes233032.5$270,990
Concerto - MODELAV Homes (55-Plus)260022.5$279,990
The Enclave/PapagoDavid Weekley Homes211732$289,990
Spark - NEW HOME DESIGNShea Homes - NOW OPEN294243.5$293,990
StewartWilliam Ryan Homes290932.5$299,990
CarmonaGehan Homes - NOW OPEN239732$301,990
The Enclave/De Sosa - MODELDavid Weekley Homes220932$304,990
Excite - NEW HOME DESIGN & MODELShea Homes - NOW OPEN335143.5$313,990
Granada - MODELGehan Homes - NOW OPEN271332.5$314,990
The Enclave/HavasuDavid Weekley Homes238543$314,990
MontoroGehan Homes - NOW OPEN283432.5$318,990
The Enclave/MirrahDavid Weekley Homes257233$324,990
Almeria - MODELGehan Homes - NOW OPEN310843.5$334,990
The Enclave/Peoria - MODELDavid Weekley Homes267143$334,990
SevilleGehan Homes - NOW OPEN319243.5$339,990
The Reserve/Yucca - MODELDavid Weekley Homes312633.5$392,990
The Reserve/AztecDavid Weekley Homes334143.5$409,990
The Reserve/SaguaroDavid Weekley Homes346743.5$421,990
The Reserve/Coleta - MODELDavid Weekley Homes349943.5$427,990
The Reserve/CatalinaDavid Weekley Homes353343.5$429,990
The Reserve/TucanaDavid Weekley Homes369733.5$435,990
The Reserve/VerdeDavid Weekley Homes382643.5$439,990