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Honoring Gunner Mate First Class Marvin Rewerts

The Estrella community is proud to be the home of many outstanding residents, including World War II Veteran and Pearl Harbor survivor, Gunner Mate First Class Marvin Rewerts. At the age of 19, Mr. Rewerts joined the Navy and was shipped out to Hawaii just two months later. Not long into his deployment, Rewerts recalls the morning when many of the Navy base staff were awakened by the sound of guns firing, bombs exploding and people frantically running for cover. He awoke to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Most of his squad was killed that day, but Mr. Rewerts survived and is one of only a few remaining Pearl Harbor Veterans. After the war, Mr. Rewerts eventually relocated to Arizona when the cold, damp Minnesota weather started wearing on him.


The Estrella community is so welcoming that it has become a place where many families and their extended families call home. This multigenerational feel rings true for Mr. Rewerts who lives in Estrella with his daughter and her children, and just about a mile down the road you’ll find one of Mr. Rewerts sons and his family. Today at 91 years old, Mr. Rewerts is a common presence at Starpointe Residents Club for his daily workout. “I go down to Starpointe five, sometimes seven days a week to use the treadmill” said Mr. Rewerts. “The exercise keeps me active and keeps me going.”


Mr. Rewerts will be honored as Grand Marshall in the Estrella Salute our Troops Run this November. The Estrella community thanks him, and all military veterans and active duty personnel, for their bravery and service.



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