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Community Groups and Clubs Offer Something For Everyone

Offering programs and events that resonate with our residents helps us build an even more vibrant and active community. With nearly 30 resident-organized clubs, Estrella is always buzzing with a packed calendar of social and athletic activities, meetings and events. These groups offer something for everyone and are a chance to get to know neighbors and participate in a variety of fun activities.


The Bunco Club, Bridge Players of Estrella or the Social Poker Club are just a few of the game-oriented groups offered. Looking for something a little more athletic? Check out the tennis and running clubs or join one of most popular Estrella groups for a round of Pickleball. Sports fans can even enjoy the Fantasy Sports group that kicked off this fall—just in time for football season. Moms clubs, health groups, business and political groups, craft clubs, and book and movie clubs are just a few other options in the wide variety of clubs that are active in the community.


There are also plenty of programs and events for our teens and younger kids who live in the community such as the recent Estrella Teen Regatta hosted by the Yacht Club and the 6th Annual Estrella Youth Sports Father Daughter Dance to be held on December 13.


The Estrella Youth Club is specifically designed to be a cool place for kids, ages 10 and older, to hangout and is fully equipped with pool tables, air hockey, foosball, ping pong, karaoke, video and full size arcade games. It’s a fun and safe place for our younger residents to play and meet other kids—free of charge. The Youth Club also hosts weekly “What’s Up With Wednesdays” events including the ever popular Fear Factor Challenge. Getting our youth involved in programs and events allows them to relax, unwind, and have fun after homework or during school breaks.   


If you and your family have recently moved into the community, be sure to visit for a full list of groups and information about how to become engaged in a way that fits with your lifestyle. These groups are open to all residents and are a great opportunity to enjoy hobbies and make new friends.


If you are planning a visit to Estrella and want to experience life as a resident for a day, give us a call at the Information Center and we will make the arrangements for you to test-drive the wonderful amenities the community has to offer. We can be reached at 877-386-6100.  



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